A Letter to the Pope and a prayer for peace

July 11,2023

His holiness Pope Francis,

I have written you in the past to tell of my work in uniting mankind together with the creator of the universe. Before being able to unite all of mankind with the creator is needed for all of mankind to believe that God created the world. In the world today there are many atheists. Communism teaches atheism as part of its doctrine. Nations which are part of the free world give each person a choice to believe or not to believe. To choose not to believe is also the choice to reject that there is an afterlife. To believe is also to believe that all the troubles, pains and suffering have a reward. The choice to believe is surely more beneficial than the choice not to believe. However, people want proof before they will accept God and a purpose in life to build his kingship on earth.

When people are desperately suffering intensely from the pains of life close to death, their choice sometimes comes automatically. God has brought them to a crossroad to choose between life and death, hope and hopelessness. People who are enjoying the pleasures of life have free choice to remain atheists or to explore the horizons of faith to add more life and pleasure, including eternal pleasure in their lives. A philosopher Victor Frankel emphasized the importance of living with a purpose. Living with a purpose may be humanitarian or religious or both. Humanitarians live with a purpose as an atheist. People grow up in a religious family environment or people that have explored to find religion unite faith and religion. Faith is not religion but the beginning and end of religion.

In religion is sometimes taught that Faith is religion. Therefore, in their religion there is no free choice or freedom. This contradicts the concept of Exodus in our Bible. The Bible brings the deliverance of the Jewish people from Egypt on the fiftieth day the culmination of Exodus at the time of the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. On the fiftieth day of Exodus the Jewish people and all those that left with them stood in front of mountain, At Mount Sinai was received the revelation of absolute freedom. This was in contrast with the two hundred and ten years of slavery to Pharoah in Egypt doing hard labors without freedom. God revealed to the oppressed freedom also called the fiftieth gate of spirituality, the Universal Faith.

After this revelation of Faith called the universal faith, the people who left Egypt with Moses, were given a new choice to be part of the nation of the Jewish people. Moses broke the first tablets of the Universal Faith, to receive from God the second tablets which gave structure to the lives of the people also to make the Jewish people a great nation of earth. To be a nation requires a law and constitution and a land. Not everyone in the wilderness accepted religion. They remained in the wilderness forty years. Other peoples that left Egypt with Moses were not accepted to be part of the Jewish nation. They may have become the first Druzim the religion established by Jethro the father-in-law of Moses who departed on his own.

From Mount Sinai were established three major religions and their off-shoots, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Religions are nations established by prophets and religious leaders. Religions require the complete devotion of their constituents. Each religion is an Orthodox doctrine. In the Orthodox doctrine is also permission for genocide including laws which may require capital punishment. Changing religious doctrines is just as difficult as changing the constitution of the USA or Israel.

My books and my websites give to mankind a connection with God without requiring people who want to connect to God to give up their freedom. They can accept the religions of their choice without having to become enlisted in their Army. They can be part of the Army of the Lord whose goal is World Unity and Peace, the army of Universal Faith. Humanitarians will not surrender their freedom. Freedom is on the level of the fiftieth gate the highest level of existence above nature compared to Adam before the sin.

For sure we are after the sin of Adam. Philosophers say there is nothing more certain than death and taxes. Adam would have died anyway after 1000 years. Cain killed Abel. The holy book of Splendor called the Zohar relates the connection between Adam and King David. Adam who lived 930 years gave seventy of his years to King David. The greatest righteous saints have died in plagues. Taxes are part of politics which came into the world through Eve the mother of all mankind. The mother loves her own children more than the children of another mother. Two women came to King Solomon with a baby. Each one said it was her child. The true mother was revealed when she was willing to give the child to the other woman rather than it being cut in two. (See Kings). The world is divided into families and nations as a result of the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge. These are political units.

The Jewish people have a King their Messiah who is their religious leader. The Messiah of the Jewish people gives preference to Jews over gentiles. The Jewish people also have today a State which is a democracy, The nation is split between the Old and the New. The world is also split between the Old and the New. Through the connection to the Universal Faith all of mankind can find a place in Faith and religion.

To break the barriers between the Old and the New, between freedom and religion, between religions, can be accomplished through communication called Interfaith dialogue. Today interfaith dialogue includes the side of the humanitarian, as well as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity and their representatives.

With the help of God and the Messiah the war in Israel should be completed in a way that is good for the Jewish people in Israel and the world. The world and religion are united today. During the Corona plague, the religious leaders of the world came together in Jerusalem for united prayer. We see it helped during the Corona plague. Unity between religions and the world is possible and mandatory. On the head Phylactery used in worship by the Jewish people are two Hebrew letters, a Shin with three throngs, and a Shin with four throngs. The world has been divided into three major religions which are united by the Universal Faith. On the hand Teffillin is one parchment without any division connecting to Orthodox religion without freedom which is also important. The head Tefillin have straps that descend below to connect the heart and mind.

Shalom on Israel which includes the whole world.

David Wexelman

POB 5171

Sfat Israel