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On this day, I, Rabbi David Michael Wexelman, have received inspiration to renew the holy scriptures for the sake of God and his name which is Shalom or peace.

Under the temple mount in Jerusalem has resurrected the three prophet's of the three major religions of the world Mohammed, Jesus Christ, and Moses. All three are embracing each other with love and dancing together in a circle.

The Lord says, Great are my prophets, but I am greater. They have been born, they have lived, they died and have resurrected but I have never been born or died, I live forever. I am the life of all mankind, the life of its prophets, and the creator of the world.

Moses is the father of all the prophets, Mohammed and Jesus are his sons. All people are the children of God and Moses. They should live together peacefully. From me, God is all salvation and from believing in my prophets and their resurrection.

On the earth the devil separates man and causes wars in my name. Under the temple there is only love and peace. In resurrection there is mercy and forgiveness. The Lord proclaims and the prophets request, "Rest and destroy your weapons of destruction. Let there be an end to war."

The law was given to Moses on Mount Sinai. The most important laws not to kill, not to steal, not to commit adultery were given to be adopted and enforced by all the nations of the world. The remainder of the law was given to be for the Jewish people the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to be their religion. They were given the land of Israel to keep the commandments.

After the destruction of the nation of Israel and its holy temple the people of Israel were exiled from their land. At that time Moses was resurrected from the dead. The resurrection of Moses began a new Israel which included all the people of the world. The land of Israel became the whole earth. The Old Israel continued observance of the Torah and its commandments but the resurrection of Moses began the New Israel with seven commandments called the seven laws of the children of Noah. Moses after resurrection became the Messiah for all those that observed these laws. Christ and Mohammed began new religions in the world. The resurrection of Moses was a hidden secret.

The children of Israel exiled from their land continued to keep their religion waiting for the coming of the Messiah who was to be a descendant of King David. They were persecuted by Christians and Muslims to convert and accept their doctrines. The secret of the resurrection of Moses was almost completely hidden from Jews and all peoples. Israel was instructed to wait patiently for the coming of the Messiah and not to make an army. They will return to their land in peace with the messiah.

For whatever reasons was established the State of Israel through military force, the situation is rectifiable through obedience to God and his prophets. Another world war can be avoided. Rest all weapons of destruction. Destroy all weapons of destruction. Listen to Moses Mohammed and Christ who have resurrected and live under the temple mount where there is only love and peace.

There is one God, one religion, which is the religion of life. God is life and peace. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The whole world is filled with his glory. God is one and his name is one. Jerusalem is the capital of his kingship. His prophets have resurrected and are living under the temple mount where there is no hatred or sin only love. Rise up today, return to God and his way. Prepare for the resurrection of the dead which has already begun with the resurrection of Moses and the prophets. Accept the law of G-d. Then will sing Moses and the children of Israel a song to God a new song. Israel is the whole world and all of its inhabitants that believe in the resurrection and the One God. Begin today to sing praises to the Lord at the place of the holy temple, in your homes and in your courtyards. Keep the commandments of God and build his kingship on earth which is called Israel, an Israel which includes the whole world and all the people that dwell within it.

It says in scriptures, that Elijah the prophet will return to bring peace to the world. It says that he will initiate the resurrection of the dead. He will bring together the father with his sons, and the sons with their father. There can be peace cooperation between nations and religions, through disarmament, and through belief in G-d and the resurrection.

The Way to World Unity and Peace

The Way - Video

The Messiah of Jewish Unity

The Jewish people have an important part in the building of the kingdom of God on earth. World Unity and Peace is the goal of every human being.

The Jewish people were slaves in the land of Egypt. God sent Moses to take them out of Egypt through ten plagues. They left Egypt on the night of Passover. God split for them the Red Sea to save them from Pharoah and his soldiers which chased after them. The Ten Commandments were given by God on Mount Sinai. God inscribed on tablets the Ten Commandments. The first tablets were broken by Moses when he saw the Jews worshipping a Golden Calf. Moses prayed for the Jewish people for forgiveness for building the Golden Calf. A second set of Tablets were written by Moses. Moses brought down these Tablets and the Torah the divine law from Mount Sinai. The Torah is called the law of Moses the prophet. In the Torah contained the laws and commandments for beginning to build the kingdom of God on the whole earth. The commandments were to bring justice and monotheism to the world. The first step in building the kingship of God on earth was to make the Jewish State in the land of Israel according to the commandments of God including the building of the holy temple in Jerusalem. Moses and the people of his generation died in the wilderness. In the wilderness they lived on food from heaven and water from a well which traveled with them called the well of Miriam. Their clothes did not wither and they were protected by the cloud of glory. They lived in euphoria, in spiritual redemption. Joshua was chosen by God and Moses to lead the nation over the Jordan River into the land of Israel. The walls of Jericho fell in the conquest of the seven nations which lived in the land of Israel. King David completed the conquest of Israel and his son Solomon built the holy temple according to the laws and commandments of God written in the Torah and instructed by Moses. Jewish life in Israel was different from what they saw in the wilderness. They had to work for their bread and sustenance. Jethro the father in law of Moses came to visit him after the exodus and giving of the Torah to the Jewish people on Mount Sinai. Jethro was a priest who had practiced idolatry. He became Monotheistic after hearing about all the miracles that God did for Moses and the Jewish people. When he met Moses he saw how difficult it was for Moses to counsel and judge the people according to the Oral Torah. After this meeting between him and Moses, Jethro left Moses to bring the message of one God, and one faith to the world. The Druzim in the Gallilee claim to be the descendants of Jethro the prophet. Their religion includes in it customs from Muslim, Christian and Jewish sources, the beginning of interfaith.

The nation of Israel almost immediately faced difficulties after the time of King Solomon when ten of the twelve tribes made their own state under the leadership of Yerbeom Ben Navat. There were two states Judah under the leadership of the descendents of King David and Israel under the leadership of Yerbeom. The conflict was so great that people who lived in Israel under Yerbeom would not be allowed to visit the holy temple in Jerusalem during the holidays. The nation of Judah had only three tribes Judah the tribe of the kings, Levi the tribe of the Priests, the Kohanim and the Levites who served in the temple, and part of the tribe of Benjamin. The reason for the civil war is unclear. Some say that the people were angry at King Solomon for having many wives, others say because of heavy taxation. The ten tribes were later conquered by the neighboring nations dispersed and lost forever. This is the story of the ten lost tribes of Israel. There remained only Judah, a nation with the holy temple and a monarchy of Kings descended from the seed of King David. The nation of Judah was conducted according to the laws of the Torah. The separation of Israel into two states was a decree from God announced by Achiya Hashiloni the prophet. The ten tribes were lost from Judah but assimilated into the world to be a blessing for World Unity and Peace.

Four hundred years later Judah was conquered by the Babylonians, the temple was destroyed and the people were exiled to Babylon for seventy years. After seventy years part of the nation returned to the land of Israel under the leadership of Ezra to build the second holy temple. The second holy temple lacked the holiness of the first temple. The Jews in the land of Israel did not have complete sovereignty over the land.

Shortly after returning to the holy land and building the holy temple the nation became split in two religious sects, the Sadducees and the Pharisees. The Sadducees rejected parts of the Oral Law. The Pharisees observed strictly the Oral law. The Oral law is an explanation of the written law. Jewish law is based on the Oral law. The faith in God and Moses the prophet is the essential part of the written law. The Oral law and written law are both essential in building a Jewish home as a dwelling place for God. The Pharisees found legal problems with the lineage of King Yanai as they had also found in the lineage of Yochanon the high priest which disqualified them for service as king and high priest. King Yanai in return decided to kill all the Pharisees who were the rabbinical authorities and have the people of Israel live exclusively by the written Torah. As a result there were no Pharisees or Rabbinical courts for a period of Jewish history. The exile of Babylon had already caused mass assimilation and destruction to the Jewish Lineage; without rabbinical courts the Jewish lineage was almost completely destroyed. Today there is no proof of who is a priest (Cohain) or Levite. The Pharisees returned in the generation of Rabbi Shimon Ben Shetach. Rabbinical courts were reestablished.

The reason for the schism between Sadducees and Pharisees was because of the assimilation of the nation at the time of the end of the first temple and in exile. In exile the Rabbis could not control the nation and its people to build families strictly according to Jewish law, the Oral Torah. The religion was split especially on the issue of Mamzerim(bastards) or children born from prohibited intercourse. A proper divorce is necessary under Jewish law. Children born from mothers without a proper divorce are classified as Mamzer and prohibited to marry other Jews. The Sadducees were lenient and the Pharisees were strict. A mamzer cannot marry into the Jewish people. His children and their children's children forever can never marry Jews. The Sadducees who believed in the written Torah allowed children whose lineage was unsure if they were born from prohibited relations to marry Jews. The Pharisees prohibited them based on Oral law. This caused mass confusion within the nation and hatred between Jews which contributed to the cause of the destruction of the second temple.

Moses and God did not desert the Jewish people even for one moment. All these events were planned and hidden in the structure of the laws of the Torah. God and Moses placed a law of Mamzerim in the Torah which was too strict to observe especially during the exile. This law created an epidemic within the nation called Mamzerim and hatred. This law created a conflict between Sadducees and Pharisees. Families were split when Mamzerim were extricated from the rest of the family. The strictness of the law of Mamzer was a divine plan to exile the Jewish nation in the land of Israel by creating hatred between Jews. Punishment of children was also written in the same Torah portion as the law of Mamzer. A rebellious child could be killed in a court of law for misbehavior. The Torah law gave the king the power of a dictator. The kingship of Israel is given over from King David to his children forever. There were good kings like King David and Chezkiyahu but there were also bad kings which abused their power and persecuted the people. The people rebelled against the law which gives power to a wicked king which contributed to the destruction of the nation. Torah law distances the simple and unlearned Jew. It splits the nation into two parts the learned and the unlearned, those with lineage and those without lineage. The correction of Torah law will come through the Messiah the son of David who will be their king forever. Many Jews consider the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson to be the Messiah the son of David. Before his death he initiated changes in Jewish law to unite the nation. His followers consider him to be alive forever like his father King David.

The Biblical history is full of conflicts. The snake caused Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. They were forced to leave the Garden of Eden. The first conflict was between Kain and Abel the children of Adam. Cain killed Abel out of jealousy. Noah saved the world at the time of the flood. Immediately after the flood the sons of Noah castrated him while he was sleeping to prevent him from having more children to compete with them over their inheritance. Sarah the wife of Abraham asked her husband to exile his son Ishmael with his mother Hagar. Rebecca the wife of Issac slyly substituted her son Jacob in the place of Esau to receive his father's blessing. Joseph the son of Jacob was hated by his brothers for being an individual. Jacob their father favored Joseph. They tried to kill him but instead sold him to the Egyptians. The Kabballa teaches that Joseph had the soul of the Messiah. In all these cases there was divine providence. Even before King Solomon in the time of Judges :19, there was a war between the tribes of Israel and the tribe of Benjamin over the murder of a concubine by people of the tribe of Benjamin. The tribes of Israel refused to marry their children to the tribe of Benjamin. King Saul was jealous of his son in law David. He tried to prevent David from acquiring the kingship but he was not successful. The kingship belongs to David forever.

In the Torah two times is mentioned the death of Rachel in Beth Lechem on the way to Jerusalem. In the Kabballa or Jewish mysticism Rachel is called the Oral Law. Leah the other wife of Jacob is called the written law. The first mentioning of Rachel is her physical death. The second mentioning of Rachel's death is the death of the Oral Torah. The Oral Torah is not eternal like the written Torah. The Oral Torah is the interpretation of the written Torah and can be changed if necessary. The Oral Torah is only a tool for making a Jewish home. The Ultra Orthodox believe that the interpretation of the Torah the Oral law can never be changed. The Jewish people fell from their glory through the destruction of the second temple and the exile. Through their religion and heritage the remnants of the holy nation continue to exist until today. Even more today is the conflict between ultra orthodox, orthodox and secular. In the holocaust all the sects of the Jewish nation were massacred together. In the introduction to the Kabballa by Rabbi Chaim Vital the student of the Arizal, clearly writes that the Oral law is on a lower spiritual level then the written Torah and the Kabballa. Maimonides does not mention about the period before was established the Rabbinical court of Shimon Ben Shetach during the time of King Yanai. Maimonides does not mention about the Messiah the son of Joseph in his book of Kings. The Arizal discredited concepts of philosophy in Maimondies writings since he did not yet learn the Zohar. Maimonides holds firmly that the Oral Torah is from God like the written Torah. God spoke directly to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai. By worshipping the Golden Calf they forfeited receiving the First Tablets which were written by God. They received instead second tablets that were written by Moses containing the Oral Law.

Moses and God planned the destruction of two holy temples to begin a new age of Judaism and religion with the purpose of World Unity and Peace. The Jewish religion is limited to the descendents of Abraham Issac and Jacob. Converts are also accepted in the Ashkenazi world under strict conditions but not in the Sephardic world. According to the Torah as interpreted by Maimonides considered to be the authority on Oral law, the whole world can reach World Unity and Peace through accepting the Seven Noahide laws. If they are do not accept these laws they can be punished with death. The Oral law raises up the Jewish people above all other people of the world. This original plan for World Unity and Peace failed from the time of King Solomon. King Solomon tried to unite the world with Israel but failed. His own nation broke off from his Kingdom. Then came the destruction of the two temples. The Oral law reinforces Jewish unity and protects the Jewish lineage. The written law is for world unity and peace.

The world found its way to Monotheism through other prophets. All people need God and religion. Judaism is the foundation of all Western religion. Jesus was a Torah scholar that rebelled against the Pharisees and the Oral law. His father was the reincarnation of Reuven the son of Jacob about who it says in Genesis 32/22 "Reuven went and slept with Bilhah his father's concubine." Jesus was a man born from a father and mother and not through emaculate conception as is claimed. He became the Messiah for half the world. His first students were Jewish outcasts that had been exiled from the congregation of Israel. Mohammed became the prophet for the other half of the world and made for them a strict monotheistic religion. Both Christianity and Muslim religion have their roots in the Torah. They both believe in Moses as a prophet but he died. Both of these religions want all people to join them in their faith. They both proselytize to the world and reach out to bring others into their faith. Sometimes they do this by force. They both claim to be the only way to God and truth. The world changed and the Jews were an innocent victim. The prophet of the Jewish people is Moses, and the Torah is their religious doctrine. Many Jews were put to death because they refused to convert. Many Jews converted under pressure. The world does not accept the Jewish concept of World Unity and Peace. According to Maimonides, the Messiah will be from the house of King David to return Israel to its glory and religious tradition like in the days of Old. According to Maimonides Judaism is the only religion. The Christians and Muslims claim that the Torah has been changed and preach World Unity and Peace through their prophet. God destroyed the two temples and Israel was exiled from its land. Something was wrong. King Solomon didn't succeed to build World Unity and Peace. Returning Israel to its Old glory is compared to a man remarrying his divorced wife. He discovers that she hasn't changed and they divorce again. The plan for the coming of the Messiah of Maimonides given in the Oral law is for the redemption of the Jewish nation. The Oral law protects the Jewish nation from assimilation but does not lead to World Unity and Peace. World Unity and Peace is necessary before is built the third temple in Jerusalem or the third temple will come down from heaven at God's command.

The Messiah will bring World Unity and Peace. He will come to bring back the Jews to the Oral and Written law with several small changes. The concept of Mamzer was only necessary to bring the destruction of the Old way and the birth of a new way without Mamzer. The Lubavitcher Rebbe who is called the Messiah by many of his followers has stated many times that each and every Jew is an important part of the Jewish nation. The strength of the Rebbe's words protects the nation from hatred from within because of Mamzer and other types of discrimination. Mamzer is mentioned in the Torah but Ahavat Yisrael the love of your fellow Jew which the Rebbe taught nullifies Mamzer like an unkosher food is nullified by sixty times kosher food. The Lubavitcher Rebbe and his followers continue to bring other Jews into the congregation without any need to look for faults in a Jew. All Jews are accepted with love. Repentance and good deeds overcomes all barriers of holiness and purity. Rabbi Issac Alfasi of blessed memory an accepted authority on Jewish law writes that in the future there will no longer be bastards in Jewish law based on Talmudic literature.

The Messiah will bring other changes to the interpretation of the Torah which will bring World Unity and Peace. The Torah speaks about the death of Moses who lived 120 years. The Messiah will speak about his resurrection. In the New Age Moses is alive again to unite the whole world with God. The Lubavitcher Rebbe mentioned several times that Moses ascended upon the mountain called Nevo to receive the fiftieth eternal gate. Today he is on the higher level of existence and perfection called resurrection as it says in Psalms, "I have been born today." There is one world, one God, one religion which accepts all people as part of a new Israel which includes the whole world with the small Israel, the Jewish people. The world has changed. Now it is perfect. Mohammed, Jesus Christ, and Moses are dancing under the holy temple in Jerusalem which has descended from heaven with all the great saints and prophets. They have all resurrected as a reward for building the kingship of God on earth.

The Tikunei Zohar describes the history of the world in three phases. There are six thousand years to this world connected to the six days of creation. God built the world in six days and on the seventh day he rested. The seventh day corresponds to the time of the Messiah and the time of the resurrection. In the first two thousand years was confusion, idolatry and immorality. Then came the flood which destroyed all of mankind. Remained Noah and his children to begin the second two thousand years of Torah to establish Justice in the world. In these two thousand years are the life of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the story of Moses and the exodus of Egypt, the giving of the Torah, the forty years in the wilderness, entering Israel and building a Jewish Torah state, building the two temples until the destruction of the second temple. The third two thousand years is for the Messiah and the redemption World Unity and Peace. The New Age and the Messiah were born before the destruction of the second temple. Moses was resurrected. The resurrection of Moses was hidden. Moses was alive and living under the remnants of the holy temple. The resurrection of Moses which is part of the Torah was concealed and hidden until after Christianity and Mohamed's teachings had spread out throughout the world. Before the resurrection of Moses could be revealed the Jews had to wait for the Messiah until the wellsprings of the Kabballa and Chassidism were spread out throughout the world. First was revealed the Zohar. The Zohar, the teachings of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai speaks about two levels of redemption, the redemption of the Jewish people (Jewish Unity) and the redemption of the divine presence (World Unity and Peace). They are Israel the microcosm and Israel the Macrocosm. In the Zohar Moses the prophet returns to Israel in the name of Raya Mehemna translated as the faithful shepherd. Elijah the prophet and Raya Mehemna learn with Rabbi Shimon Bar Yocai the secrets of the Torah. Then was revealed the Kabballa in the city of Sefad principally by the Arizal. The Kabballa of the Arizal is for Jewish Unity in preparation for the complete redemption including World Unity and Peace. The Kabbala of the Arizal discusses the Creation of the World, divine intentions in the Torah and its commandments and reincarnation. Then came Chassidism from Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov to bring two Messiahs to Israel and the world. The Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Schneerson was revealed as the Messiah shortly before his death. The Breslov Chassidim also consider their leader as the Messiah. The Jewish people now have two Messiahs the Messiah the son of David the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the Messiah the son of Joseph Rabbi Nachman. The resurrection of Moses has now been revealed. Moses was always alive but he was hidden under a veil. The veil has been removed. There is redemption. Moses has come to bring World Unity and Peace. The righteous souls of Israel are a part of God and Moses the prophet.

The sin of Adam and Eve that ate from the tree of knowledge is corrected by the resurrection of Moses. Adam and Eve were forced to leave the Garden of Eden. Now after the resurrection of Moses, the world returns to the Garden of Eden where there is World Unity and Peace. The prophets Mohammed, Christ and Moses are dancing in a circle together under the remnants of the holy temple. The third holy temple has already descended from heaven and is hovering over the area. There still remains the work of building a dwelling place for God in the world through righteousness and justice. The Jewish people have to build their nation according to the laws of the Torah with the changes initiated by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. With God's help the nation will gain complete sovereignty within the Biblical borders of Israel and there will be peace. From Chassidism has been born two great saints that represent the Messiah in each and every generation. They are Rabbi Nachman of Breslov sometimes called Na, Nac,Nachma,Nachman; the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson who is called the Messiah by many of his followers. Although they have both passed away their followers continue the work of the Messiah and the redemption. Amongst their followers is a living saint who has the soul of the Messiah and is guided by Elijah the prophet. Moses has resurrected to join the New Age for the sake of World Unity and Peace, the New Israel whose capital is Jerusalem which includes the whole world and all the people of the world. There is work on two fronts World Unity and Jewish Unity.

World Unity and Peace is the ultimate goal in holiness under the leadership of the Messiah. There is Israel the macrocosm and the microcosm, the Israel which includes the whole world until the four corners of the earth and the little Israel which is a nation seeking sovereignty and peace within its biblical borders..

Elijah the prophet will come to make peace in the world. He will initiate the redemption through the revival of the dead. The Zohar teaches that Moses will resurrect and teach Elijah. Elijah will be the student and messenger of Moses. World unity and peace comes through belief in the revival of the dead. Moses, Christ, and Mohammed have resurrected and are dancing together and living under the remnants of the holy temple in Jerusalem. Jews reject Christianity and deny the teachings of Mohammed. The Jews have a prophet Moses about which it says in the Torah there will never be in Israel a prophet like Moses. The five books of Moses belong to the whole world. The Torah is eternal. The teaching of Moses gave inspiration to Christ and Mohammed. Mohammed changed the Moslem custom of prayer and prayed toward Mecca. Christianity found its home in Rome even though it originated in Israel. Now that Moses has resurrected there can be harmony and peace between these religions and World Unity and Peace. Elijah the prophet is in the world. The teachings of the Kabballa were initiated by Elijah the prophet in the introduction to the book Tikunei Zohar. In the same portion is mentioned the resurrection of Moses. A Jew can continue to practice Judaism without denying prophecy of Mohammed and Christ. Mohammed that came many years after Christ denied that Christ was God. Christ was born like all men. He had a father and a mother. The Messiah the son of Joseph is a soul which reincarnates and comes down into the world in a human body for the sake of World Unity and Peace. About this soul it says in Genesis, "Let there be light and there was light the first day." Calling a man God causes violence and war. The Messiah is a man and a prophet. His greatness is his humility like it says about Moses, "Moses was the humblest of all men on the face of the earth." Moses did not deny that there will be other prophets after him to build the kingship of God on earth. Now that Moses has resurrected there can be World Unity and Peace. Belief in the resurrection is an essential part of Christianity through which is claimed that Christ is the Messiah the son of Joseph. The followers of Rabbi Nachman claim that he resurrected to reveal his living presence to the Jewish people through the letter his student Rabbi Yisrael received with his signature Na,Nac,Nachma,Nachman. Resurrection corrects all sin. Now there can be the fulfillment of love your neighbor like you love yourself beginning with love of your family and friends, love for your people, and love for World Unity and Peace. A person has to love himself and love the gift of life which is given to him by God. Life is a challenge a narrow bridge to cross over. Then there can be love of God which leads to World Unity and Peace. There is one God, one world, one religion Jerusalem the capital of the kingship of God on earth. Hear Israel, The Lord is your God the Lord is one.

A Jew cannot deny history and return to the dark ages. Judaism has made a special contribution to mankind which has been complimented by other prophets which came after Moses. The Judaism of today is not exactly like the Judaism which existed when the Jewish people entered Israel under the leadership of Joshua. The Kabballa and Chassidism has brought the Messiah to Judaism. The Lubavitcher Rebbe and Rabbi Nachman of Breslov,are two Messiahs with two truths. The Lubavitcher Rebbe King Messiah the son of David represents the servant of God whose work never ends. The Rebbe and Chabad Chassidim work for Jewish Unity. The Rebbe instituted learning daily the Mishna Torah of Rambam. Mishna Torah encompasses the whole Oral Torah. In this way the Rebbe has been able influence several changes in the interpretation of fundamental Jewish law to bring it into a Modern society. Rebbe Nachman of Breslov represents the elevation of the soul from this world onto the next world and until resurrection. His teachings are universal to all of mankind. They are the Messiahs for the Jewish people and an example to the whole world of spiritual perfection. They have not come to make a new religion. They are examples of truth to the whole world. Christ, Mohammed and Moses dance and sing together under the holy temple to bring to the world a message of peace. They declare together let there be peace and an end to war. These are three religions which are one. They are Monotheism expressed in different ways united with Israel and the holy temple a house of prayer for all the nations.

It is also important to mention the contribution of Eastern Religion to World Unity and Peace. Eastern religion Hinduism and Buddhism stress meditation and prayer as a way to achieve World Unity and Peace. They believe in a Godhead which is an enlightened soul whose goal is World Unity and Peace. Eastern mysticism has many similarities with Kabballa Jewish mysticism. The attainment of Truth, Peace, and Purity are goals of all religions. Calling the other religion Idolotry in the twentieth century will not help bring World Unity and Peace. To bring World Unity and Peace there must be respect for prophets of Peace who express truth in different ways. The Torah teaches that God is not physical. He has no physical body. God is united with the soul which is spiritual. The candle of God is the soul of man. There are monotheistic religions without spirituality such as the Muslim religion and fundamental Orthodox Judaism. There are Messianic religions which believe in One God. These religions believe in God united with the spiritual soul. They believe in God and in his name which is Shalom or Peace. The Muslim religion came to reject that Christ is God. Fundamental Orthodox Judaism maintains within Judaism the separation between God and the Messiah. The Kabballa and Chassidism has brought the Messiah both the Messiah the son of David and the Messiah the son of Joseph but fundamental Orthodox Judaism has still not accepted them. They continue in the Old way of pure monotheism without the Messiah. In this way they are similar to the Muslim religion. Each religion has its contribution to building the Kingship of God on earth. Most important is the Goal of World Unity and Peace. Peace comes through the Messiah and resurrection.

Interfaith and Humanitarianism

The three major prophets have contributed to building the kingdom of God on earth. They are Moses - the prophet of the Jews, Christ - the Messiah the prophet of the Western world nations, Mohammed - the prophet of the nation of Islam. There are other prophets which have come into the world on specific missions called less important but significant like Jethro the father-in-law of Moses. Interfaith means acceptance of the prophets and their religions without becoming obligated to accept their religions. Interfaith includes humanitarianism. A humanitarian is committed to making the world a better place to live. A humanitarian accepts the responsibility not only for himself but also for others. Many people believe in God but not in any specific religion. They believe in humanitarianism and morality. For these people the Lubavitcher Rebbe the king of Israel suggested the acceptance of the seven laws of Noah including not to kill, not to steal and not to commit adultery. Interfaith accepts these precepts and also accepts God as the creator of the universe. An agnostic can be part of Interfaith. People not affiliated with any specific religion accept Interfaith. The goals of Interfaith are World Unity and Peace. Prayer is the vehicle for communication with God. The whole world declares that God is One, Hear O Israel the Lord is your God the Lord is one. They pray to God in their own words from their hearts. They believe in morality and justice. Through interfaith and through the fulfillment of World Unity and Peace, athiests will also become believers in the One God. Everyone wants to believe in God and salvation. They only need to see peace and cooperation between religions which is the reason for Interfaith. Then the whole world will be filled with the glory of God; And God will be the king of the whole earth, in that day God will be one and his name will be one. The name of God is Shalom-Peace.

The State of Israel and Interfaith

The State of Israel was founded because of the need of the Jewish people to have a homeland. The Jewish people are not the same as the Jewish people who entered into the land of Israel under the leadership of Joshua. The law of the Torah which governed the State of Israel in the time of King David and Solomon is not exactly what is needed to unite Jews and mankind in the twentieth century. The Lubavitcher Rebbe the Messiah the son of David gave permission to modify the law for the sake of Jewish Unity. A Jewish State is in no contradiction to Interfaith. The Jewish people need a homeland. Interfaith allows the Jewish people to be Zionist religious Jews. The holy temple and the religion of Jewish people is a house of prayer for all the people of the world. The prophets have resurrected and are living under the remnants of the holy temple in Jerusalem. Elijah the prophet has come to bring World Unity and Peace which includes the Jewish people living in their homeland. All the nations of the world have a place in Israel which is the nation of God. The whole world is Israel. Israel is Islam. Islam is Israel. There can be peace and an end to war. The Messiah is alive. Moses the prophet has resurrected to bring peace to the world. Interfaith brings salvation and peace to the World.

Ultra Orthodox Fundamental Jews claim that Judaism is the only religion. Christians claim that Christ is the only way to reach God and salvation. Muslims claim that Mohammed is the last prophet. All of these religions have an important part in building the kingship of God on earth. They are all part of World Unity and Peace. They are all in God's plan the Torah which the Jews have received on Mount Sinai. They are part of the truth "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." The Jews have two Messiahs, the messiah of the heavens Rabbi Nachman Na Nac,Nachma, Nachman, the Messiah of the earth and the kingship Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch who lives forever. These are the Messiahs for Jewish Unity. For World Unity the Messiah of the heavens is Jesus, the Messiah of the Earth is Mohammed. Moses through his resurrection unites World Unity with Jewish Unity. There is peace in the heavens and earth. Peace between Man and God. Peace between Man and Man, abundant peace above and below. There is a house of God for all people which is built by the Jewish people on earth through their religion. In this house is the presence of God and his holy name which is peace. The goal of Unity of God on earth is achieved through faith and prayer, not through the sword and violence. It is achieved through the resurrection of Moses the prophet. The presence of Moses under the temple mount is the foundation of the third eternal temple which will descend from heaven as if it had been built by Moses.

Interfaith began with Father Abraham. Abraham rebelled against his father Terach who was an idol worshipper. In the ethics of the fathers it says, Abraham had ten tests of faith and he stood up to all of them. Abraham is the father of the Muslim nations which are descended from his son Ishmael. The Jewish people are the children of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Esau the son of Issac became the father of the Ashkenazi nations. The Ashkenazi nations adopted Christianity as their principal religion. Christianity was originally a Jewish movement. The first students of Jesus were Jewish outcasts. There is little history about the beginnings of Christianity. In the Oral Torah Mishna Megilla is mentioned about Jews in the times of end of the second temple who dressed in white clothing, walked barefoot and wore sandles that were denied the right to lead the congregation in prayer. The commentator on the Mishna Rashi tells us that they were priests the students of Yashu, Jesus Christ. The movement had just begun with rebellious Jews that had received Jesus as their teacher the Messiah. They dressed differently and broke away from tradition. The Orthodox Jews continued to follow their tradition which automatically resulted in reform Jewish movements consisting of outcasts from the system. Christianity came from one of these movements. From Christianity came Islam from their prophet Mohammed. Judaism was the beginning of Interfaith, the beginning of belief in One God, One World, One religion which is Interfaith. It all began in Jerusalem the place of the holy temple which is today the central conflict between Jew, Christian and Muslim. The place of World Unity and peace has turned into a warfront. Only through Interfaith can this conflict be reconciled. Moses Jesus and Mohammed have resurrected and are dancing and singing under the holy temple. There is peace beneath the temple mount and in heaven. The time has come for all parties to see the truth and accept interfaith. The solution to the conflict cannot come through war

Judaism began at Mount Sinai through the giving of the Ten Commandments. The Jews lived forty years in the wilderness a life of pure spirituality. God wanted them to enter Israel to build a nation with a religion and holy temple. The holy temple was destroyed but the western external wall remained called the Wailing Wall. The temple will never be forgotten. The rest of the temple is left for God to build. A Jew today needs to be spiritual like they were the forty years in the wilderness. Jews have to accept a spiritual sanctuary for prayer and worship like exists today. The Jewish nation and its religion continues in tents of learning and synagogues for prayer like the prophecy of Baalam the prophet in Numbers 24:5 How goodly are thy tents, Jacob, thy tabernacles, Israel. The place of the temple belongs to God alone and to interfaith. The Lubavitcher Rabbi of Blessed memory initiated the practice of placing an enormous Chanukah menorah in public places to be a Jewish sign of faith in the one God and a message of World Unity and Peace.

Summary - Religious wars are in the past. At one time they may have been necessary but today in the 20th century there is no place for war or violence in the name of religion. Moses Mohammed and Christ have resurrected and are embracing and dancing under the place of the holy temple together with prophets of all religions of peace. Interfaith is the way to peace. Interfaith does not ask anyone to convert but only to share their religion with love and friendship. Together they make the name of God which is Shalom and truth. They share resurrection and the work of building the kingship of God on earth.